D is for




Wait, what? “No homework” pushed us into a D for conduct – with 2 weeks and 2 days to go. Some of it is ridiculous.

He left some flash cards at school, minus two points. So shouldn’t that be points of for, I don’t know, HOMEWORK?!?! That is not a “conduct” issue.

“Drawing on a test.” Actually, he was marking out incorrect answers on a test that had already been graded that she was reviewing. A test he made a 100 on, so he was bored, and instead of getting in trouble for getting out of his seat, he was basically taking the test again.

“Playing.” No! You mean boys do that?!?! This after being told that this kid learns best when he is moving. He’s not a zombie-kid, staring straight ahead.

Some of them seem legit, but when questioned, he was misunderstood. “Spit in two kids’ faces.” Then he better be in trouble! Completely unacceptable! Except, he was ssshhh-ing them, not blatantly spitting on them.

And still others, I am totally fine with. Explicit disobedience gets him in trouble at home, too.

If I had a D in conduct? I don’t know what would have happened, I never had below an A! I also never moved away from a family who exposed their child to domestic violence. I never hid from my drunk or high mom – the only thing I saw my mom drink was Dr Pepper and sweet tea!

Tonight, he said he is starting over. From now on, he will be perfect! I told him that’s not possible, but he *can* do better. He also said that missing his foster brother makes him misbehave. And he needs to be close to his Mommy. Now that is progress! Admitting that he NEEDS his Mama. He has known it, but had trouble saying as much.

Two weeks and two days. Let’s just make it through.

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