Better… Or not…. But maybe?

So when report cards came out, the Big Boy had mostly A’s and B’s. He had a 79 in conduct, and a 79 in Reading. Two stinkin’ points away. His math level came up to above grade level, and his reading level also improved, to grade level. I was okay with the conduct grade. I thought we had turned a corner.

The first week of the new grading period was good.

The next week? The next week. THE NEXT WEEK!!!! In one day, he lost 6 points off his conduct. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that before it gets that far, maybe we should be sent from the classroom to see the school counselor? He had two other days where he received marks that week. This week started off rocky, but he has been better Tuesday-Thursday. We talked and prayed about conduct and behavior today, but I’m secretly not expecting a lot. Fall fest, costume contest, pumpkin voting, giving kids candy at school – they will all be cray-cray today. Throw in a non-typical school day that is way off the usual routine, and all bets are off with my little stress ball. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised, but probably not.

Teacher emailed me last Friday to tell me the Big Boy had a bad week. He marked on a test after she told him not to mark on it. He wouldn’t quit drawing on his white board, instead of using it for word work. She really just needs him to be a good listener and focus during her instruction time.

Know what I hear in that? He is not getting out of his seat, 3 feet away from his desk, so there is progress. And she expects him to be a zombie-child and sit, unmoving, staring at her as she teaches. Lots of people doodle. I’m not saying it’s okay to disobey the teacher, but I AM saying that sometimes, it’s hard for ME to sit and listen to someone talk and not doodle. In church, in meetings, wherever, a lot of people doodle and draw, and have no trouble paying attention. Heck, I color with the kids during church! I asked if I could supply him with paper on which to doodle, so he wouldn’t get in trouble for writing on tests or the board. Nope, they have plenty of paper for doodling during free time. He just needs to be a good listener and pay attention. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here, but if he is being asked to sit still and “pay attention” as this teacher demands, that is ALL he will get out of 2nd he grade. He will be so focused on “sit still and pay attention,” that he will not hear a word of instruction.  He just doesn’t learn that way. He learns better when he is moving, or bouncing, or cleaning, or shredding a tissue to bits, or doing anything besides sitting still and appearing to pay attention. Why is that so difficult to understand?

Am I being the difficult one? Is it asking too much to ask the teacher to teach the way he learns? I understand she has other students. I understand they might need to sit still. I’m not saying let him run wild. But I AM saying lighten up. Someone please tell me if I am in the wrong here.

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